Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Dear visitor, please, before visiting our touristplatform.com website, Please read the terms of use agreement carefully. Your access to the site your full acceptance of this agreement and It depends on your compliance with the terms. If any of the terms in this contract If you do not agree to a condition, please terminate your access to the site. If you continue to access the site, unconditionally and unrestrictedly, We assume that you accept the entire text of this contract. Please do not forget.

The touristplatform.com website is managed by Tourist Platform, hereinafter referred to as the SITE. The Terms of Use for this site come into effect upon publication. The right to make changes belongs to the SITE unilaterally and These changes, which will be updated on the SITE, all our users are deemed to have accepted from the beginning.


Confidentiality, on a separate page, of your personal data by us. available to regulate the principles of its processing. If you use the SITE, that the processing of this data takes place in accordance with the privacy policy you agree.

Scope of Service

As Tourist Platform, the scope and nature of the services we will provide, is completely free to determine its framework; regarding the services changes will be deemed to have entered into force upon their publication on the SITE.


All text, code, graphics published on the SITE, owner of logos, images, sound files and software used (hereinafter referred to as "content") is Tourist Platform, all rights reserved. Reproduction or copying of site content without written permission It is strictly prohibited.

General Provisions
  • All users use the SITE only legally and personally. purposes and infringing on the rights of third parties. will not engage in any activity that constitutes commits. In their transactions and actions within the SITE, legal and penal responsibilities belong to them. This work and due to the actions that third parties have suffered or may suffer. The SITE has no direct and/or indirect responsibility for any damages.
  • To ensure the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information available on the SITE we are doing our best. But despite our efforts, this information may lag behind actual changes, some there may be differences. For this reason, the information on the site express or implied, by us, regarding the accuracy and timeliness of any No warranty is given, no commitment is made.
  • Operated by third parties on the SITE and its contents are created by us. hyperlinks to other unknown websites, apps and platforms (hyperlink) can be found. The SITE, functionality only means access to these sites. and we do not accept any responsibility for its contents.
  • We do our best to keep the SITE free of viruses. Although we do, we do not guarantee that viruses are completely absent. For this reason, taking necessary precautions against viruses while downloading data responsibility. Virus etc. malicious programs, code or materials We do not accept responsibility for any damage it may cause.
  • that there will be no defect or error in the services offered on the SITE, or We do not guarantee uninterrupted service. to the SITE and your access to the services or any part of the site in advance. We may terminate it at any time without notice.
Limitation of Liability

Our liability for damages arising from the use of the SITE is limited to intent and gross negligence. The total compensation that can be claimed for damages arising from the breach of the contract, limited to foreseeable damages. Limitations of liability mentioned above at the same time, that could result in human life, bodily injury, or a person's health. Does not apply in case of damages. In all cases considered force majeure legally, for delay, non-performance or default, we are not liable for any compensation. will not be born.

Dispute Resolution: From the application or interpretation of this Agreement The laws of the Republic of Turkey are applied in the resolution of any disputes that may arise; Ankara Courthouse Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.